Men and women are made in the image of God, but that image is distorted in a fallen world. Not only are people cut off from God's intended best for them, but often they are split into competing sexual roles.

Anne Atkins encourages Christians to come to the Bible with a fresh mind to discover God's intention in creating male and female, and draws some challenging and surprising conclusions. Men and women are equal, different and interdependent, and both sexes will be challenged by Split Image to pursue the true outworking of this relationship.

It is a superb first book, forceful, well-researched, bold, unconventional and in places breathtaking
— Michael Green
This book explodes so many of the preconceptions people have about what the Bible says about relationships between the sexes.
— Elaine Storkey

Second edition (with updates):

German translation:

“Being a child is like being in a concentration camp without being able to go into the future and have a history lesson. It's scary for a child because you don't know what to expect: life is a situation you've never been told about.

“Suppose someone were to take you over Niagora Falls on a tightrope. If they told you there's a dip to the left half way over then you would know: it wouldn't be scary.” — Alexander

“Alex, it would be terrifying.” — Serena

“How could there be a dip to the left on a tightrope?” — Bink

“We may look dysfunctional on the surface, but deep down we're as undysfunctional as it gets.” — Ben

cover art by Colin Thomas

A selection of some of the best letters from Anne's agony aunt column which ran in The Telegraph from 1996 to 2000.

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