“They have been asking me to talk about Poppy for several years now. Of course, I've always said no. Not just for the obvious reasons, either; not just for the reasons to do with Poppy herself, and my relationship with her. But all the others too. After all, it's a story about all of us. What will my parents make of it? And the rest of my family? We never talk about what happened that summer.”

Ambitious and very readable
— Sunday Times
The perceptions of childhood are excellent and the central issue is presented in an original way.
— The Daily Telegraph

It is a perfect summer's day, just right for the village fête. The sun shines; the sound of children's laughter floats across the Cambridgeshire meadows. Violent death is the last thing anyone in the village expects...

A Fine and Private Place is also available in:

Caz is sufficiently intrigued by the fan letter from Theo to accept his invitation to tea. What she finds is an unusually sensitive and talented nine-year-old boy, suffering the recent loss of his father and very protective of his mother Ann. And as she becomes increasingly involved with the two of them, Caz discovers there are complex emotions seething beneath the surface of this ‘normal’ family...

Anne's latest novel opens to find Theo, working as a Junior Research Fellow at his father's old college, hitching a lift, by night, dressed entirely in black, on the banks of the bosky Cam as a wild explosion fires the midsummer sky...

An Elegant Solution will be published by Malcolm Down in December 2018.